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Translation requires a great deal more than just language skills. A translator must be able to fully understand how a person or business wishes to convey their message in the target language accurately and elegantly. To achieve this, a translator must have an in-depth understanding of both cultures and make the necessary adjustments in order for the translated text to read just like an original.


Always working with the audience in mind

When I translate I aim to: -

  • fully absorb the sentiment of the message to create clear, engaging content that speaks to the reader
  • consider carefully the choice of words that will resonate with the target audience
  • think about the tone of voice required and how it will be different for a message to employees, customers, prospects or other stakeholders
  • keep abreast of continuous changes in language and vocabulary


Always aware of business imperatives

My experience working in several world class companies has taught me that businesses: -

  • are under time pressure and need quick turnaround
  • can’t afford to get their communications wrong
  • can’t afford to compromise on quality
  • need to trust their suppliers to deliver on quality and on time, every time


Playing my part in customer retention and acquisition

I understand the vital importance of carefully translating documents to help companies retain their existing customers and win new ones. This is why:-

  • I keep abreast of fast evolving language used in marketing and technology development
  • I keep up to date with new concepts and new trends in expressing ideas without losing the character of the French language
  • I look to ensure that my translations reflect well on the modern forward-looking organisations I work for


In summary

I take pride in working quickly to the highest standard and in keeping my customers informed at every stage. I carefully assess every new job to ensure I can deliver on my promises.


Member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists


Holder of the Chartered Institute of Marketing Advanced Certificate

Holder of the Brevet de Technicien Supérieur in business and language studies